Video Tour of the Super Game Bus with 7 Tvs

Check out this great video, it is a tour of our Super Game Bus with 7 TVs, all inside.

Since the making of this video, we had made the Game Bus darker inside.

Video of the Game Bus during a Themed Event

Check out this great video about the Super Game Bus during a Sesame Street Themed event.  A private event, and they shut down the whole street to have it. 

Video Game Bus During a County Fair

We at Super Game Bus, we travel most anywhere for any event. We have done corporate event, birthday parties, slumber parties from 12 midnight to 2am, fund raisers etc.  Kids love video games, and we have the ultimate in mobile video gaming theater. A converted school bus !!

Tour of the Game Bus with Children Playing

Here is a tour of the Super Game Bus with 7 Tvs.  This is the 1st and original school bus that was converted into a mobile gaming theater.  This video will show you with the children playing inside.

A Cool Homemade Music Video About the Game Bus

We are the 1st to convert a school bus into the ultimate Super Game Bus. This Super Game Bus is the 1st school bus to be a mobile video gaming theater.  We come to you, rain or shine, for any event or occasion.  All the children play inside.  Nobody plays outside in the heat, cold or rain.