Why Choose Super Game Bus ?

1) This school bus is huge inside, Inside playing area is 33' long x 8' wide.

2) All of its 7 50" Tvs are all inside an air conditioned school bus.

3) One of a kind, unique video gaming school bus, not a trailer. 

3) The whole party is playing inside the bus. The party is not split in 1/2.

4) If it is hot outside; or, if it rains, everyone can still play together inside the Air conditioned Game Bus.

5) Over 100 games to choose from. We try to have the most current games available. 

6) Experienced Game Masters. 

7) Our Motto: We rather show up really early compared to a little bit late.

8) We are in constant contact with you.

9) We use Propane Generators.  Which mean "NO Toxic Fumes" .  Toxic fumes from gas; or, diesel generators could enter the cabin where the children are playing.